Butt Implants vs BBL: What’s the Difference?

Butt Implants vs BBL

Are you looking to reshape the curves of your body?

A butt implant or BBL (butt lift) is an amazing way to achieve an attractive rear end. Yet with so many options available, it can be hard to know where to begin.

To help make your choice clear, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about butt implants vs BBL.

Read on and let’s get you sorted out!

Surgical Approach

The primary difference between butt implants and BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is the surgical approach. Butt implants involve the insertion of a solid silicone implant into the buttocks, while BBL involves harvesting fat from other parts of the body such as the abdomen, and reinjecting the fat into the buttocks.

Butt implants typically take a single operation and involve a shorter recovery period. BBL, on the other hand, involves two operations-liposuction and fat transfer-and a longer recovery period.

Butt Implants vs BBL

Implant Material vs. Body Fat

The difference also lies in the implant material used and the body fat used during the procedure. Butt implants are artificial implants of either silicone or saline that are inserted into the buttocks. BBL on the other hand utilizes the patient’s body fat.

During BBL, fat is harvested from the waist or lower back by liposuction and injected into the buttocks. Both procedures offer very different types of results. Butt implants such as the Brazilian butt lift at Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington often leave the recipient with a perky and round butt with a more pronounced silhouette, while BBL patients usually enjoy a more natural and subtle look.

Surgical Scarring

When it comes to scarring, the Brazilian butt lift can present fewer risks of scarring due to the smaller incisions used and the body‘s natural ability to dissolve fat. Butt implant surgery, however, can create somewhat larger incisions that may leave scars.

Both procedures have a risk of infection and tissue death which can cause scarring, so it’s important to discuss any possible risks and follow post-op care instructions closely.

Recovery and Downtime

The recovery process for butt implants involves wearing a compression garment and avoiding activities that can cause irritation or inflammation to the butt area. The recovery and downtime for butt implants is typically 7-10 days, but the results are permanent.

The recovery process for BBL requires several weeks of downtime. This is because it involves liposuction and fat transfer. BBL results are temporary, lasting up to two years, but the downtime and recovery periods tend to be longer due to liposuction.

Natural Look and Feel

Both procedures can give you a more voluptuous behind, however, a Brazilian butt lift typically produces a more natural look and feel since the material used is the patient’s body fat as opposed to a foreign material in the implant. Additionally, since BBL does not involve surgically inserting an implant, there is a reduced risk of complications like:

  • infections
  • pain
  • inflammation

Both treatments have the potential to deliver excellent results.

Understand the Difference Between Butt Implants vs BBL

At last, the main question of the day “What is the difference between Butt Implants vs BBL?” has been answered. Butt implants are an invasive medical procedure in which an artificial material is placed under the skin, while Brazilian butt lift involves harvesting fat cells to give a more natural appearance.

Both options come with their advantages and risks, so speaking to a trusted medical professional is the best way to ensure the right outcome. Take the next step in your journey and get in touch with a plastic surgeon today!

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