Your Guide to Moving to Hawaii From California

Moving to Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii is an excellent idea if you seek a stunning climate and perfect weather daily. Nearly 11,000 people left California to move to Hawaii in 2019, and you can join their ranks by learning what it takes to start moving to Hawaii from California. Dive into the things to do in Hawaii and the cost of living to determine if the move is everything you want for your family.

There are several significant considerations to make when planning a move to Hawaii. Researching the islands and determining the best ways to get your belongings there is a great place to start.

Fortunately, you don’t have to handle this move alone. You’ve discovered the perfect guide to moving to Hawaii from California for a new start and a slower lifestyle. Continue reading to explore the best places to live in Hawaii for your family today!

Find the Best Places to Live

You’ll have several stunning islands to choose from when you decide that moving to Hawaii from California is the best option for your family’s future. There are eight islands that most people consider when making a move. The most popular islands to explore are Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island.

Kauai is called the Garden Island due to its lush and green appearance. You’ll love the beautiful beaches and incredible scenery when you purchase or rent a home on Kauai. There are outdoor activities for the whole family when living on this island.

Moving to Hawaii

Oahu is home to the state capital of the state of Hawaii. You’ll find Waikiki Beach on Oahu, one of the most popular destinations on any island. Depending on your preference, it’s the state’s most populated area, with a healthy mix of urban and rural living.

The Big Island is the largest of all Hawaiian islands, and it’s renowned for the diverse landscapes it provides. It has active volcanoes and snow-capped mountains for incredible scenery.

Maui is the best option if you’re moving to Hawaii for the incredible beaches. It offers a laid-back lifestyle that is perfect if you’re trying to escape from the fast-paced lifestyle in urban California. Your family can try beach activities like snorkeling and surfing.

Learn the Culture

It’s essential to learn more about the culture before living in Hawaii. The process of assimilating will be much simpler if you learn about the culture and language on the islands. Attend a hula or cultural event to understand what it means to be a Hawaiian.

It’s also beneficial to learn some basic Hawaiian phrases. Aloha (hello/goodbye) and mahalo (thank you) are excellent starting points when moving.

Determine Your Budget

It’s no secret that Hawaii is expensive, so it’s critical to establish a budget before finding a home and buying or renting. The cost of living in Hawaii is the most significant factor holding people back from living their island dreams. The islands’ isolation results in higher transportation, food, and utilities costs.

Consider your expenses when moving to Hawaii from California and determine if they make sense for your future. Compare the estimated cost of living in Hawaii to where you live to get an accurate idea of your monthly expenses. Do your research before committing to a move to the Hawaiian Islands.

Organize the Logistics

Moving from California to Hawaii is more complex due to the distance and the nature of transportation. Moving from California to Utah requires a moving van or truck. You must ship your belongings to your new home via air or sea to settle into life in Hawaii. Your new house will feel like home once your belongings arrive and you unpack.

It’s also wise to consider your car shipping options to your new home. It’s helpful to get more information on hawaii car shipping to determine if you can fit it into your budget. Public transportation is limited in the Hawaiian Islands, so it’s best to consider bringing your vehicle when moving.

Make a Packing List

A packing list is a moving essential to ensure you bring everything you want on your move to the Hawaiian Islands. It’s also a chance to get rid of clutter and non-essential items. Bringing more things with you results in higher costs for moving.

Ensure you have the necessary documents when packing for your move. Bring your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, and other essential forms of identification. Upon arrival, you’ll want to contact the DMV in Hawaii to get your Hawaii driver’s license and legally drive in your new home state.

It’s helpful to pack for the climate in Hawaii when moving from California. The weather is warm and humid all year, so bring lightweight clothing and shoes to remain comfortable when spending time outside.

Explore the Job Market

If you still need to find employment in Hawaii, exploring the job market and finding options that fit your experience and skill set is best. Finding a job in Hawaii is difficult since the primary industries that move the economy are the military and tourism.

Healthcare, technology, and renewable energy are growing in Hawaiian islands. Your skills could translate well and help you establish a new home for your family. Expect a higher salary when living in Hawaii to account for the higher cost of living.

Check Out the Schools

You must explore the schooling options on each island if you have children. You’ll find several private school options in Hawaii, though the state offers one of the best public school education options in the US. Consider the quality of education and extracurricular activities to provide your children with the best future.

Consider Moving to Hawaii From California Today

Moving to Hawaii from California is a big move, but it’s the first step toward living in an island paradise with your family. Research the different islands to find the perfect fit for your family, and explore job opportunities on each island. Consider the educational opportunities for your children, and get quotes for shipping your cars and belongings.

Moving to a new state or country is a massive step, but the best advice will pave the way for a happy experience. Read more of our Travel content for more engaging and beneficial guides today!